Professional Detectives with “Secure Results and Low-Price”

Thank you for visiting DARUTAN’s website. This is Katsushi Hashimoto, CEO of Darutan Corporation. It has been more than 33 years since(1991) I started to work as a detective with a solid system and adequate preparation for clients having various troubles. In order to solve a delicate trouble, it is necessary to have the advanced investigation skills based on experiences, and this is one of Darutan’s strength. In recent years, there are more convenient equipment or devices, and detectives using the latest technologies are also increasing.

However, investigation with utilizing various kinds of equipment or devices tends to be flimsy. I believe all clients will be satisfied with Darutan’s service provided by the detectives of Darutan having the track record and many years’ experience.

DARUTAN Corporation located in Yokohama has offered investigative services in Tokyo and Kanagawa area for 31 years. Our private detectives have successfully provided investigation services to clients in a wide spectrum of concern areas including investigating infidelity overseas, behavioral investigation, background investigation with witness interview, finding missing persons, problems related to business, forensics, stalking, abuse, and others. We promise to provide our client with definitive evidence by videos or photos, and have a good reputation from many lawyers as we provide high-quality evidence and show a clear price list. All investigations will be conducted strictly confidential. Please call us or leave us a confidential message using the contact form.


■Behavioral Investigation¥65,000〜
■Finding persons¥98,000〜
■Investigating company¥65,000〜

We undertake any requests other than the above, such as wiretaps discovery, candid cameras discovery, handwriting analysis, fingerprint analysis, and others


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