― Professional detectives with proven track record and many years’ experience ―

Please contact our highly experienced detectives.

Darutan investigation office in Yokohama, an investigation company which was established 30 years ago, is providing the investigation services.

We guarantee that without explicit approval from you, we will not in any way release, omit, or use the personal information for anything outside the scope of investigation purposes.

In regard to the investigations, we have provided investigation services to clients in Tokyo and Kanagawa in a wide spectrum of concern areas including infidelity, behavior, missing persons, company problems, child abuse, stalker, wiretaps discovery, and other investigation services specific to you needs.

In regard to evidence, we are providing definitive photos and videos of a targetphotographed from the front. Darutan is highly evaluated by the lawyers as one of the investigation companies which solves any problems throughout Japan as well as overseas.

Expertise in special investigation based on many years’ experience

Please leave it to us regarding the special investigations such as fraud, corporate crisis management, knock-off products, overseas market, and others.

Any problems have been solved by the shrewd detectives having more than 15 years’ experience and rich track record. We promise to provide you definitive evidence with high quality moving surveillance, stakeout, and photographing.

Overseas investigation requests will be managed by our English-speaker detectives. With regard to the interviewing in the corporate credit investigation, we provide highly reliable results by detectives over 30 years of experience.

Please feel free to consult us including the requests refused by other investigation companies. We also offer counselling about investigation fee.

Conveniently located in 3-minute walking distance from Yokohama Station

We will address your requests immediately.

Our office is located near Yokohama station providing easy access to Yokohama and Tokyo areas, Haneda/Narita airports, and Shin-Yokohama station which stops bullet train. In addition, it has been satisfied by our clients with the fully-secured building and quiet environment.

Consultation at LINE is also accepted. Please tap “Add friend” and use it. It is fine even for detailed investigation cost, investigation method, consultation only. Please feel free to contact us.


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