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Thank you for visiting DARUTAN’s website. We are an investigation company established 32 years ago which provides investigation services across Japan and overseas based in Yokohama. We aim to step ourselves into every client’s shoes at any time and provide high-quality investigation reports at reasonable price.

Also, we cooperate with administrative scrivener, judicial scrivener, lawyer, and others to deal with various requests such as infidelity investigation, behavioral investigation, investigating overseas, missing person investigation, child abuse, bullying problem, troubles related to business, civil litigation problem, collecting of crime evidence, and so on.

[Corporate Name]DARUTAN lnc.
[Address]2-11-2, Skymanor yokohama 409, Takashima, Nishi-ku Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, 220-0011, Japan
[Established]April 1991
[CEO]Katsushi Hashimoto
[Office Name]Darutan Investigation Office
[Registration]Kanagawa 45170045 Kanagawa Governor Registration
[Membership]W.A.D (World Association of Detectives)
Japan Political Council of Private Investigation
Japan Detective Association
[Number of Detectives]7 (inc. temporary detectives overseas)
[Partnership]18 companies
[Free Consultation]tel: 0120-987-540
[Office]tel: 045-620-6032 fax: 045-620-6039
[Office (English)]tel: 045-620-6990
[Office Hours]Monday to Friday 10:00〜19:00
Saturday 10:00〜17:00
*Closed on Sunday and national holidays
[Business]Detective services, Security installation, and others
Katsushi Hashimoto, CEO

Katsushi Hashimoto, CEO

32 years of experience in detective1991-2002 Worked in the private investigation company in Koganecho as one of the detectives.

Undertook many projects related to corporate crisis management with *Million Shiryo Service.Oct. 2002 Established DARUTAN Investigation OfficeJun. 2022 Established DARUTAN Corporation*Million Shiryo Service: One of the detective companies (Formerly “Iwai Saburo Jimusho” which is the oldest private detective company in Japan.)Expertise in Computer program and investigating with specialized equipment, vehicles/motorcycles as well as moving surveillance. Currrently work as the detective.

Investigator y

Detective Y 23 years of experience in detective

The expert in moving surveillance with a lot of experience in overseas investigation by utilizing English skills. Consulting in English also available.


Detective K 2 years of experience in detective

Skillful at moving surveillance with using the motorcycles. The tenacious detective aiming to solve any problems.


Detective S 38 years of experience in detective

Mainly undertake investigations related to company problems. The expert in intellectual property investigation, credit investigation, and others.


Detective W 24 years of experience in detective

Temporary detective used to work at one of major detective companies. Reliable detective having much knowledge and many skills about photographing.


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